Favorite Posts of 2017

December 28, 2017

I've been on here for about four years, and I've never wrapped up my year. But, they've become my favorite posts to read by other bloggers, and I wanted to do one of my own. 2017 was a big year for setting goals, and personal growth, so a majority of my posts were streams of consciousness about where my headspace was at.  But, I also had the opportunity to have a plethora of new experiences, and these are my favorite ones of the year (in no particular order.)

The 3rd set of my Disposed series
In this roll of film, I had a visit to Starved Rock, the Fourth of July, a trip of the Ash, Bloomington-Normal, and Riot Fest. These events were all from 2016, but these are some of my favorite photos that I've ever taken. In 2018, I would like to keep one disposable camera each month and utilize my film cameras more.


Why Forests?

There's an abundance of forest preserves around my house that I never visit. But, there is a small wooded area about three blocks from my house that my friends and I would visit when we were younger and it was the inspiration for this post because there is peace in the forests. I've never taken photos back there before, but it's got a bit of nostalgia. In 2018, I would love to visit more forests and take more nature photos. 


This is my favorite thing I've done this year by far. I saw my two favorite shows in January: Title Fight and AFI. My favorite photos came from Title Fight (because I also accidentally deleted all of my photos from the AFI show.) This was a great live show, I went with my best friend, and we were at the barricade. This is also one of my favorite bands and seeing them live for a second time was unbelievable. 


Casey Neistat posted a video called Do What You Can't, and this was my response video to it. I have so much respect for Neistat as a creator, and he created this video that tells his story about not being hindered by people who tell me you can't do something, and instead letting it motivate you to do it anyways. It's a powerful message, it's stuck with me through the year, and this is potentially my favorite video of the year.


I am vowing to spend more time at beaches in 2018. This post focuses on my clear headspace while around water, and I haven't felt that physically and mentally fulfilled in a long time. This was potentially my favorite day trip that I took this year, and I cannot wait to see more of a variety of coasts in 2018.


I have only been here once or twice, but these are some of my favorite photos to come out of the year. The Little Red Schoolhouse is a hidden gem of wildlife conservation in the suburbs. There are animals, trails, and opportunities to learn around every corner. I'd like to revisit during 2018, and spend more time in nature altogether. I find myself happiest when outdoors.

I favor this photo, I think it's so cute. But, this post was a roundup of all of the important life lessons I took out of the year, and it was vital for me to sit down and reflect on what I learned this year and compile all of these lessons into one big post. I think it summarized the growth I have endured this year, alongside quotes for anybody who reads it to enjoy and keep in the back of their minds through the next year.

I can't wait for even better things in 2018. 
Thank you all for reading. 

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