The Room Where It Happens

June 1, 2018

Part of me wants this to be legible, and the other part of me just wants to fangirl.
What is there to say about Hamilton?

It's the magic that everybody else has been raving about. Our cast was brilliant. Miguel Cervantes plays Hamilton and outside of the musical he is consistently supporting different causes, including a limited run campaign to raise money for epilepsy research. Jamila Sabares-Klemm plays Eliza, and I thought she stole the show. I think Jose Ramos, who played Phillip Hamilton, is the brother of Anthony Ramos, who played the original Phillip Hamilton. My personal favorite was Carl Clemon-Hopkins who played George Washington, and I could spend my entire post raving about how every bone in this man's body is composed of talent. My mom's favorite was Aaron Burr, but I can't find the actor who played him the night we saw it on the cast page. 

My mom got tickets as a Christmas gift for me, and May finally rolled around. We both took the day off of work, and went down to the CIBC theater, which is beautiful. It was built in 1906, and originally named the Majestic Theater. Because it is older, it creates an ideal ambience for a musical about the Revolution. The stage has a circle in the center that rotates, along with a ring that rotates around that so they can either spin together or in opposite directions. There are also two tall sets of staircases on the stage left & stage right that lead to an elevated walkway. You can see Eliza on it here.

A list of moments I got chills/got choked up:

  • The dimming of the lights/the first notes
  • My Shot. The entirety of My Shot
  • The Schuyler Sisters, my god what a group of ladies
  • Washington's first appearance. He was so good
  • Wait For It, which was off because it's not one of my favorite songs
  • Every single time Washington & Lafayette sang
  • The transition of History Has Its Eyes On You/Yorktown
  • The harmonies toward the end of Yorktown before 'freedom for America, freedom for France'
  • Dear Theodosia, again not one of my favorites, but it made me emotional
  • Hamilton receiving the note that John Laurens died
  • The lights going down for Act Two
  • I just really enjoyed What'd I Miss. I'd love to see Daveed Diggs do it
  • Every time Jefferson sang in Act Two. He's one of my favorite characters
  • Say No to This
  • O n e  L a s t  T i m e. This song makes me cry every single time
  • Burn. It's an entirely different experience watching it live
  • Phillip Schuyler stops counting after the duel
  • It's Quiet Uptown, specifically, 'Phillip, you'd like it uptown, it's quiet uptown'
  • And, obviously, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
We're discussing seeing it again toward the end of the year, getting better seats, and seeing if there is a difference in the cast. I don't think one viewing is enough, but tickets are so difficult to get. It was an evening on absolute magic, and an evening I would love to live over and over again.


  1. Amazing! I remember when I'd have my Hamilton playlist on repeat last year <3 I'd love to see them live some day.
    I'm glad you enjoyed :D

    1. It's an amazing musical, I hope you get the chance to see them someday. Thanks for stopping by! (: