Gabby's Prom

July 23, 2018

I have four younger cousins, and I am the oldest of five. If you've been here for a while, you'll remember this time last year Maggie went to prom and my mom and I were called in to do her hair and makeup. This year, Gabby handled everything her self, so we all just came to see her off and talk some photos for the big day.

Gabby's prom was at Fulton Market, which is full of rustic charm, but I know she was underwhelmed by it because a lot of schools in Chicago have prom at museums or at Navy Pier. But, from the photos I saw, the location looked beautiful and unique. She went with a handful of friends, which is exactly how Maggie and I both did prom, as well. 

Her dress color was beautiful, and she had an amazing time. We only have two proms left in my family right now. Where does time go? It seems like to long ago we were all running around the backyard playing Harry Potter, and in the pool playing Hello Mr. Judge, now everybody is leaving for college. It's scary, but simultaneously it's so exciting.

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