Waterfall Glen · Lemont, Illinois

July 12, 2018

For a glorious two months, I had a car. When my mom bought a new car, I got hers. Within weeks, we found out there were electrical problems, and the adventures I anticipated over the summer were cut short. In that small period of time, I visited Waterfall Glen in Lemont, Illinois.

I've passed by this spot a few times taking side streets to the north side of Chicago, but I've never had the time or the vehicle to stop there. It's beautiful. There are miles of trails through different types of trees. There are trails that venture off of the main trail. There is also fun water to balance on rocks across, and to follow down the stream. 

A family walked up to me and asked if this was the only waterfall because they were underwhelmed. The forest preserve surrounds a laboratory, so I didn't really have expectations, and I am the most content when spending time around any kind of water. 
I also saw a lot of puppies, and a girl with mustard yellow pants hula hooping. 

I'm happy to bring photo-heavy posts back to this page. They're my favorite to share because these are photos that I am proud of, and photos from moments that have made my heart feel full. I have a few more prepared to come out soon, including prom and two concerts. I'm finding my balance in being a lifestyle blog, and I'm feeling pretty satisfied with what I've been producing. I appreciate you all sticking around and reading. If there is anywhere in the Chicagoland area you're looking for photos from, or my personal experience with, comment down below or shoot me an email at laynejoyblog@yahoo.com. 

Happy Thursday. (:

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