Piqniq 2018 & Why I Love The Front Bottoms

August 8, 2018
I've been spending time going through posts and figuring out why they're not doing well. When I first started this blog, it was used as a journal for myself to document family parties, every event I attended, and it was very personal. As an English major concentrating in Creative Writing, I wanted to up this website after graduation. One of the biggest things I want to do when I have a photo set to share with you is talk a bit more about the events and share more of my feelings around it rather than just giving you all a set of photos. 

So, let's talk about the Front Bottoms.

Excuse the phone photos, but you can all still see how attractive Brian Sella is.

Piqniq as a festival was hot, and it was a long day. The website doesn't give much information in regards to which bands are on which stages, which is silly provided there are only two stages. The main bands start around 5-5:30 on the amphitheater stage, while the side stage that is a bit of a walk away had all of the smaller and local names. The Front Bottoms were the last band on the smaller stage and they played at 4:20, so we weren't there for long and we left immediately after.

This is my third time seeing them live, and every time I've seen them it's been a different atmosphere and there was a vast difference in the crowd. This crowd was eccentric, and polite. Everybody was there to have a good time. However, TFB has gained popularity among younger audiences who haven't grown out of their angst phase yet, and the crowd has become less tolerable as time has gone on. This crowd was really nice, though. Would I prefer a 21+ show? Yes. Am I showing signs of becoming a senior citizen at the age of 24? Also, yes.

Disclaimer: it's time to fangirl.

All of their music is honest, and the honesty makes it different because it's cause for lyrics that are eclectic. Whenever Brian sings, it's coming from experiences, and it's delivered with so much passion. There is a song for every mood I'm in, and everything that I'm feeling at a moment. There are songs to scream along to when they play them lives, and songs to just listen to alone in your room. I have so much love, and appreciation for them in my heart, and seeing them live for the third time was incredible.

What are your favorite bands to see live? How many times have you seen one band live? I'm curious to see if they had a similar show, or if the atmosphere was different each time.

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