Me at 25

October 8, 2018

Welcome to your quarter life crisis, a term you learned from the Rob Pattinson movie How to Be
Twenty-five. Twenty whole fives. While writing this, you're sitting on your all white bed with Mauraders Map blankets and pillows listening to the children that live next door bang on the grill like you're in that scene from Tarzan.

You work at a bookstore and just when you thought work couldn't get worse, this year bombed. There were layoffs where your job lost Sue, Dan, and Steve and it broke your heart. Everybody is still trying to catch up and it happened in February. The good news is you formed this amazing bond with Madelyn and you wouldn't trade your relationship for the world. Your goal was to be out of the bookstore by the holiday season and you're still working on it. Hard. 

You saw Hereditary this year and it changed the game of horror films. 
Especially the scene where the mom floats into a treehouse. Spooky.
You also saw A Quiet Place in theaters three times and wrote all about how much you absolutely l o v e d it. In the game of horror films, the new Halloween comes out this year and it looks scary as hell.

You went to so so so many concerts this year. The most memorable ones being Lorde, Foxing, Maps and Atlases, Jack White, and fighting for your number one spot with this one is dodie. A lot of magical nights of music you love with people you love. Good lights, good atmosphere, a whole lot of dancing. You've been to Lincoln Hall four times in the span of two months, one time because you won tickets to see Diet Cig. That was really cool.

We lost Mac Miller this year, but we don't like to talk about it.

Also, this is your favorite song in the moment:
In chronological order:
You were Miss Frizzle for Halloween last year. You went to the Christkindlmarket in Naperville with your mom which will never match the one in the city, but you had those sandwiches with mustard, pickles, and cheese that you've been thinking about a lot lately, which is crazy because you hate mustard. You and Abby went to see Spirited Away at the Music Box Theater. You spend a lot of the winter on trains and buses from Joliet to Blue Island and even met a few prisoners! You played a lot of Monopoly this year. You fell in love with Jughead and watched a whole lot of Riverdale. You got up at six in the morning to go to Bourbon Street for Saint Patrick's Day with your neighbors where you met a therapy pony. 
Don't forget Pooshawn.

You went mini-golfing and saw so many beautiful forest preserves. You also had a car for about a month and a half before it decided to stop running when it rained outside. 

ba babababa ba ba You saw H a m i l t o n this year in May with your mom. She got you tickets for Christmas and you're dying to see it again.

You went to your first Lollapalooza where you watched 14 year olds rail cocaine off of someone's phone to Gucci Mane, but then you saw Jack White and the long day was worth it.

You visited Springfield with your mom for the first time since seventh grade with the sole purpose of seeing Boy George at the Illinois State Fair. You wrote those scary cable cars that you loved and did a child's scavenger hunt so you paid attention to the facts about Lincoln.

You also spend a lot of time in Naperville this year, which is new, but there is some charm to the town that keeps bringing you back. This is the setting for your novel and it holds a special place in your heart already. Don't let it go.

Here's to the big two-five.

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