A Bit of Early Spring Cleaning · Sparking Joy in my Belongings, my Work, and my Social Life

January 31, 2019

While working at the bookstore in 2015, a book hit bestsellers and began to take suburban homes by storm. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo taught readers a spectrum of ways to sort through an abundance of their belongings and only keep the things that sparked joy within them. After some time, the hype went down until the end of 2018 when Netflix premiered a show called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo where Kondo visits homes and teaches the inhabitants how to practice keeping their space clean.

I can't resist. When I watched this show I started to sift through my belongings because I realized how much I was holding onto that I don't use or I don't need. This ranges from DVDs I don't watch to books to tchotchkes, to jewelry, as far as to go through things packed up in my crawlspace because an abundance of little things accumulates fast.

The most important thing I've learned from Marie Kondo is that everything needs to have a place.

Kondo has some valuable lessons in her show when it comes to belongings, including how to fold clothes, to store things so that you can see everything that you have, and to make sure everything you keep s p a r k s j o y, or it makes you happy. Applying these three things while scurrying around my bedroom allowed me to discard of things that have been sitting around that I don't need and only keep things that I use and bring me happiness. This has been an incredible feat because it makes my space that much more wonderful to be in. It makes me appreciate what I have more, and it has feels like my room has shed its skin and is now more beautiful and welcoming.

I have really kept in mind that everything needs a place when sorting through my computer. Because I write, I have files with half-assed named floating around and I have finally aptly named everything and given everything a folder. Photos were the trickiest because I take so many photos, but I decided to upload all of my photos to Walgreens and turn them into physical prints that I can then file into photo albums. Although it takes up more space, my phots make me happy and they will be organized. In terms of my laptop, I have also sorted through my followers in social media, which will tie into my next point. If the people I follow weren't inspiring, they were too negative, or we weren't friends, I unfollowed them.

Unfortunately, you can't unfollow people in real life. But, you can keep people at arm's length or respectably cut ties if it will benefit you. I had an issue with a girl that I worked with, for personal reasons that stem from her having a toxic personality that was detrimental to my mental health because she would bully, she would go behind my back and talk bad about me, and she would take advantage of people who were kind to her. I decided to send her a text message (if you can do it in person, do it that way there isn't a statement in writing lingering around) explaining myself to her because she was beginning to drag other people from work into a personal matter between us. I cut all ties with her, and explained the situation to work where they aptly scheduled the two of us so if we worked at the same times, we would be in separate areas. It's not easy to cut people out, but what helps me is really looking at the people you surround yourself with and noticing whether they help or hinder your growth and taking the proper steps to adjust your relationship with them.

I also wanted to share a small list of things I do when I'm feeling unmotivated:

· Make my bed for a sense of accomplishment. If you've already done one thing, what else can you do?
· Take a shower and get ready for the day. Once you've taken the time to get ready, you won't want to waste it.
· Make a to-do list and tick things off as you finish them; it helps to have a visual that you're getting things done.
· Eat something for a bit of extra energy. Even if it's a small snack or a bit of coffee, am empty stomach is counterproductive.
· Pace yourself and make sure you have an adequate amount of time to get things done to the standards that will satisfy you. 

2019 is going to be a year of growth in a spectrum of ways and it's been beneficial to begin the year with a cleanse. If you need the inspiration, please check out Tidying Up on Netflix; Kondo shares some useful tips and advice for people of all walks of life. There is a variety of cleaning we could all benefit from in either small or large doses. So even if it's one thing, I challenge every person reading this to tidy up one thing in February and see how it impacts your headspace. We're all about baby steps on this page, so let's take them together to better ourselves this year.

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