Disposable Camera · Record Story Day 2019

July 11, 2019
Seeing as RSD 2019 was in April, it's safe to say this post is a little late. Initially, I lost the disposable camera, but I found it buried in my bag I took with my downtown and here we are. These are some of my favorite photos from every RSD I have taken part in. It was sunny and beautiful outside. Instead of public transit all day, we drove downtown which gave us an easy ride home after a long day. We also hit a lull last year because Reggie's Rock Club in Chinatown shut down their record shop, so Chinatown has been off our grid since we found out. That' been disappointing, but we found a shop we'd never been to and spent some extra time in Wicker Park with a bonus visit to the beach.

Wicker Park:

Stan's Donuts (the love of my life):

Myopic Books:

Dusty Groove:

Lake Shore Drive:

Montrose Beach;

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