Life Update / August Goals

August 9, 2019


Today I wanted to sit down and make a stress-free post updating you on where I have been, what I have been up to, where this site is going, and three goals for this month that I've got.

Where I've Been
I've been keeping myself busy with work. I have an issue which has led me to burn-out before where I have a hard time relaxing because I feel like I need to be working all of the time. For my job, I run the children's department at a bookstore full-time. This involved event planning, merchandising, and ensuring that I'm keeping up with everything in the department to keep our head above water. Aside from my job, I had a summer class twice a week which was draining a lot of my spare time because I was cranking out work that I wasn't entirely happy with for class. I'm also still involved in an internship which takes about ten hours of time a week. 
Which means when I'm not physically at work, I'm working at home on my internship, or tweaking this page so I can get it to a place I love again. I don't think this page has ever been a good reflection of who I am, and I'm working on that. A big thing I'm working on is figuring out who I am as a person and that's been fun

What Have I Been Up To
I have been doing a lot of things outside of work since it is summer and my cousins are home from school. I went to Wisconsin Dells with my mom (disposable photos coming next week!) I saw Les Mis at the Cadillac Palace Theater and Six at Navy Pier with my cousin Gabby. I went to a White Sox game with my family and we've got another planned on the 22nd. And I spent this last weekend at Lollapalooza with my cousin Abby, which was a blast (disposable photos coming within the next two weeks!)

Let's Talk About the Blog
When I started this page, it was a journal for me to keep my photos and thoughts in. I wanted to grow it and have this site become more concrete. Along with photos of things that I've done, I'm going to be using this page to hang onto my goals and help myself grow. For those of you that have been around for a while, I used to post about my goals all of the time. Now I'm holding myself to three goals a month that are small things I can change to tweak my grand scheme of growth. Finally, there are going to be book reviews on here. My Goodreads challenge is to read 100 books this year and I'm beginning to fall behind. After a trip to the library, we're going to be posting book reviews more and you'll be hearing some more of my voice on here.

Three Goals for August
  • Spend money on experiences, not things
    • Weeding through subscription services
    • Listing clothes and things for sale after garage sale
  • Rekindle a good relationship with food
  • Dive into planner before classes start

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