Black Friday Haul

December 10, 2019
Hi everybody!

I have not done a haul on here m a y b e since this blog started and I think I deleted that post. But, ya girl has been doing some shopping and wanted to share what she bought. 

I am a sucker for Black Friday. I love the atmosphere of shopping and it is the one day a year my patience can tolerate chaos. I have been going out for BF since my senior year of high school. This year, I visited Target, Kohls, and Oakbrook Shopping Center in Oakbrook, Illinois. I think I did some pretty smart shopping in regards to all of the junk I could have bought. I have been trying to be a more conscious shopper, and I think I did alright. Let's get into it.

Wooden Initials /
 I want to use these for the tops of gifts because I am trying to be a great present wrapper this year.

This sweater has become an almost every-day wear. It fits like a dream and I love the color

Best Buy
I was looking for the Target glow-in-the-dark vinyl and they were all out. But, I love the yellow record a lot more.

Bath & Body Works

Marshmallow Fireside, Fresh Balsam, and Midnight Blue Citrus.

Barnes and Noble

After working at BN for almost five years, it was exciting to go into Black Friday blind. Their big draw to Black Friday is signed copies of books and I beelined for JVNs. It is on my TBR for the year and I love the heart he signed with.

Seventh Sense

American Eagle

I have been looking for a flannel because I don't have one in my wardrobe and I was sold on this color as soon as I saw it. It looks great under my cream colored sweaters and on it's own.

Now to shift focus on this blog to gift guides for the season. If there are any ones in particular you'd like to see, let me know. I have two DIY gifts lined up to share and part one of the Glow-Up series ahead.
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