itslaynejoy · A Re-Introduction

January 5, 2020

As you may have noticed, this page has gone through a bit of a revamp. I have been spending time focusing on me and who I am under the pressure of the new year and the glow-up series, and when I saw this theme on Angelina's Etsy page I had to snatch it immediately. The name of the blog has also changed. For those of you here for a while, my blog was just named Layne Joy for a very long time. Until last year, I changed it to brand me as more of a writer. Neither of these names fit, but other blog names didn't fit. Because this is a lifestyle blog, I wanted my name to be in the title, but just my name sounded too plain. Along came a proposition to change it up and we became itslaynejoy. When this name came, I felt a click, probably the same click when I saw the theme and here we are. Welcome.

My name is Layne (lay-knee). I am twenty-six, five foot nine, and I am on a journey to become the best version of my self I could be. I live in the south suburbs of Chicago with my mom behind the house we all grew up in, which is still inhabited by family. I work at a publishing house and am working toward a Master of Arts in Creative Writing focusing on YA and poetry.

When I was in sixth grade I wrote a short story about two twins on an adventure with their bunny slippers and a mannequin and have been making up stories ever since. I love watching films, especially horror films, and reading, especially YA books. I love to craft and I hope to open an Etsy store and become a piece of the heart that is the craft show circuit soon. I love traveling and seeing new things around Chicago. I spend a lot of time taking in live music at venues and festivals and that birthed my blog back in 2012. I wanted a home to share everything with people and look back on myself. That has grown into this, and I can't wait to work towards it's flourish.

I love journaling, Post Malone, and everything strawberry-flavored. I like being near vast bodies of water and I make a mean iced Vanilla Cinnamon latte. I try to spend the most time with my family and loved ones, and if the opportunities arise, you'll see some of those moments on here. Thank you for reading so far and here's to a renewed sense of being with a fresh slice of the internet to match.

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