Twenty Things to Do in 2020

January 5, 2020

As seen in a previous post, I want to have more experiences in 2020. To me, that means doing things that I have never done before that I have been wanting to do for a while. To keep this post brief, I'm going to make this list a page that's easily accessed in the NavBar at the top of this site. With each experience, I'll be taking photos or videos and sharing them with you while we poke through this list this year and kick this decade off right.

  1. Ice skate at Maggie Daley rink
  2. Get more involved in book culture.
  3. Zipline
  4. See Post Malone live (2/11/2020)
  5. Finish 100 movies poster
  6. Finish writing that book
  7. Work on physical and mental health
  8. Be more conscious about shopping small
  9. Visit a national park (9/22/2020)
  10. Read through my bookshelf
  11. Pay off Sallie Mae
  12. Declutter
  13. Craft more
  14. Visit one new thing in Chicago
  15. Have a career in my field (3/22/2020)
  16. Complete my living space
  17. Get another ~tattoo~
  18. Purchase a new camera/Get back into taking photos
  19. See one really cool sunrise
  20. Figure out what's next
I can't wait for this year. I think there are good things on the horizon and I'm looking forward to what this year has in store.

Best and welcome. <3

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