Fourth of July on 35mm

July 16, 2020

In 2018, I used one disposable camera every month to document my year and it helped me realize I am horrible at shooting photos on film. That being said, after a full year and some change of practice, I pulled out a disposable camera for the Fourth of July this year. I've got another one coming for our trip to Wisconsin, so if these interest you click the Bloglovin' icon to the left of the post or subscribe via email tobe notified when a new post is published.

Gabby just chillin'. :)

My uncle always yells, "Serving!" when he hits it like this and I can hear his voice in this photo.

This is the happiest I have ever been with a roll of film. Due to some water damage, there are some streaks on the photos, but I think that just makes them look cooler. The weather was perfect this day and everyone's faces are so genuine.

The next two are two of my favorites:

The Fourth of July is always very overrated for me because we never do anything at night. There's no draw for me to go see fireworks surround by kids while being eaten alive by mosquitos. This year, due to fests and fireworks being cancelled, my family and I were able to spend the evening together and night swim which is something we haven't done in years.

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